Sunday, May 21, 2006

Quicklink: Photos of the Week - 1

Photos of Inka and Irza in the past couple of weeks can be found here.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Quicklink: Swimming Irza

Photos of Irza while swimming in the swimming pool within our apartment's complex. Please click here.

Tante Dian wondered why the swimming pool is similar to the one in her apartment where she once stayed while in Singapore. Turned out to be that it's actually the same apartment complex. :D :D

Monday, May 08, 2006

ISM Gathering at East Coast Park

Yesterday (Sunday, 7/5), we went to East Coast Park to attend the IndoSing-Mums (ISM) gathering. ISM itself is a closed mailing list for those Indonesian mums and mums-wanna-be currently living in Singapore. This gathering is also specially conducted as a farewell party for Tante Wanti and family, who will go back to Makassar this month, and also for Tante Ulfah and family, who will move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Some of the pictures are below.

Left picture - Inka and Irza were having a great time playing with sands on the beach, together with Fathir and his father, Uncle Roni.

Right picture - Uncle Roni was busy giving chicken noodles to Fathir, while Q2 (Qiratullah), Tante Wanti's son, was waiting to be fed as well. In the end, Uncle Roni was feeding both. :)

Left picture - those are the kids of Om Emil and Tante Nonong, which are currently living in Eunos. From left to right: Marsya, Fadzil and Naira. Believe it or not, currently Tante Nonong is expecting her fourth child!

Right picture - that's Aidan, the lovely and only son of Om Wisnu and Tante Shinta. The family currently lives in Sengkang.

Left picture - That is the picture of Hanan and Iffah, who were having a great time playing with sands on the beach. Hanan is the first daughter of Om Iwan and Tante Hany, while Iffah is the only daughter of Om Duddy and Tante Ellen.

Right picture - That is the picture of Zidan and Syifa. Zidan and Syifa are the children of Om Haris and Tante Inong. They live nearby, in Bukit Batok, about 10 minutes drive from our home.

Left picture - From left to right: Fathir, son of Om Roni and Tante Gita, Atifah, daughter of Tante Ulfah and Om Yahya, Q1 (Qurratayun), first son of Om Iman and Tante Wanti, Aily, daughter of Om Judhi and Tante Ami, and Athaya, daughter of Om Bubun and Tante Wiwie.

More pictures during the event can be found here, as well as here (thanks to Tante Hany), here (thanks to Om Judhi), here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quicklink: Pictures at Bugis Junction

Pictures of Inka and Irza at Bugis Junction, can be found here. We were there last Saturday (29/4) for some sightseeing (as usual), was taking care of the children while waiting for my wife (window) shopping. :)

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cycling at East Coast Park

Last Saturday (29/4) morning, the whole family went to East Coast Park for cycling and a little bit of exercising. As usual, we brought Inka and Irza's bicycles there, while I and my wife rented a tandem bicycle from one of the bicycle kiosks there. Fortunately, the weather was just nice, not too hot and a bit cloudy, but not raining either. Just nice. :)

We cycled along the bicycle path for quite some time. After about 45 minutes, Inka and Irza looked a bit tired. So I returned the tandem bicycle to the kiosk and then we walked towards McDonalds to have some breakfast. Inka and Irza enjoyed their big breakfast and hotcakes a lot, quite a bit hungry after cycling for quite some time.

After finishing their breakfast, Inka and Irza took some time playing at the playground just beside the restaurant. The playground is provided by McDonalds for its customers there.

More pictures can be found here.

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