Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Meeting Tata and Wati's Family

My fellow Indonesian bloggers from Geneva, Switzerland, Tata and Wati, came to Singapore together with their two daughters, Annisa and Nadia. They came to Singapore about two weeks ago and had the chance to go back to Indonesia last week, before returning back to Geneva next Friday. They will be migrating to Singapore next July.

We met them last Sunday (22 April 2007) at the children playground on the second floor of VivoCity, before having coffee together at the Starbucks cafe nearby. After which, we had lunch together at Banquet before going to the SkyPark at the third floor of VivoCity. Inka and Irza were having a great time playing with Annisa and Baby Nadia.

More pictures can be found here.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Attending Om eRBe's Birthday Party

On a breeze Sunday afternoon, I took Inka and Irza to Om eRBe and Tante Tyty's residence at Hougang, to celebrate om eRBe's birthday. I guess we were also celebrating tante Tyty's birthday, since it fell just several days before om eRBe's. We met Om Renatha, Om Hans and Tante Gita there. Not long after, Tante Yolli came, followed by Om Yuwono, Tante Lenny and their son Danny. Om Arrizky and Tante Enji, as well as Tante Fisty and her husband, also came and joined the fun.

The kids kept themselves busy with om eRBe's Sony Playstation. Irza was also happily playing with Danny, who is the only other kid around. This is the first time they see each other, after a "failed" meet-up scheduled at the Singapore Zoo couple of weeks ago. At that time, we finally managed to meet Om Yuwono's family at the zoo entrance on our way back, but by that time, Danny has fell asleep already. :)

There was also a cake prepared for the birthday boy and girl... erm... sorry, I meant, the birthday guy and gal. :) Om eRBe and Tante Tyty also have another good reason to celebrate: they are expecting their first baby girl, which is expected to be born some time on June 2007. Congratulations! :)

More pictures can be found here.