Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dinosaur Movie at Singapore Science Centre

Inka is a fan of dinosaurs. She always borrows books about dinosaurs every time we go to the library. My wife found out that there's movie screening about dinosaurs at the Omni Theatre, Singapore Science Centre, so she offered Inka to take her to watch the movie after a week of her semestral examination.

We went there last Saturday evening. Singapore Science Centre is located at Jurong East, and the Omni-Theatre is on a separate building, sandwiched between Singapore Science Centre and Snow City. Outside the theatre itself, there's a gallery showcasing dinosaurs and everything related to it. There's also a very big skeleton of T-Rex, which reminds me of the Night at a Museum movie, which Inka also likes very much so that we had to buy the DVD. :)

Since Irza didn't want to watch the movie, only my wife and Inka went in to see the movie. The ticket price was $10 for adult, and $5 for child. Inka said that she liked the movie very much. There's also a dinosaurs simulator ride, however we didn't try it. The price for the ride itself was $4 for adult, and $2 for child.

While waiting for my wife and Inka watching the movie, I took Irza to Kinetic Garden, which is located on the outer (and free) side of the Singapore Science Centre. There are quite some exhibits for the kids to play for free. There's also a McDonalds outlet there in case you're hungry. Irza was having a great time playing with all the exhibits there.

More exhibits are, of course, inside the Singapore Science Centre and the ticket price is $6 for adult, and $3 for child. There's also a new water play area which is actually located outside, but we can only enter the area from inside the Science Centre itself, therefore only those having tickets can go in. We didn't go in since we've been there before, just last year.

More pictures can be found here.


Innuendo said...

jadi ingat ross di sitcom friends hehehe..mau jadi scientist kali si inka

IndraPr said...

Hehehe.. mudah-mudahan. Katanya sih Inka pengennya kalo udah gede jadi dokter. :)