Saturday, February 11, 2006

Inka is getting a new passport

Inka's passport will be expired some time mid this year (2006). Since most countries require travellers to have at least six month before the expire date of the passports, it's time for her to renew her passport. So my wife went to the Indonesian embassy yesterday (Friday, 10 February 2006) to apply for the passport renewal.

It turns out to be that the photo is no longer being taken at the embassy. Instead, it's being outsourced to a photo company located at Orchard Towers, near the Orchard Hotel, opposite Forum the Shopping Mall. So today, we went to Orchard Towers so Inka can get her pictures taken there. We left home at around 10:30am and reached Orchard Towers at around 11am. After finished, the children already felt hungry (and it's not noon yet), so we went straight to Great World City and had lunch at the KFC restaurant there, since my wife had some discount coupons for KFC.

Great World City is one of the shopping malls just outside the vicinity of Orchard shopping belt area, which is quite big and a bit "luxurious", more for middle to high class, especially those expatriates living around the area. There's also a luxurious serviced apartment and office towers on the same complex. The "luxury" can also be seen on the toilets (see right picture, apologise for the blur picture since I took the photo using my mobile phone camera), with a lot of decoration on the toilet's wall.

After taking a stroll around the mall, including bringing the kids to play at the Timezone in the third floor, we went to the Starhub Redemption Centre at Killiney Road to redeem the notebook we won on one of Starhub's online contests. After which, we went to the Specialist Shopping Centre nearby. The anchor tenant, John Little, is having a great sale (see left picture), unfortunately we couldn't find the item we're looking for there, so we cross the road and went to OG Orchard Point instead. Had a bit shopping there (not much, of course) before we went back and called it off for the day.

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