Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ten Mile Junction

Last night, we went to Ten Mile Junction, a shopping mall which is also an LRT station, part of the Bukit Panjang LRT line. The shopping mall is located at the corner of the junction of Choa Chu Kang Road and Woodlands Road, not far from Bukit Panjang Town. I remember last time we went to this mall and it's deserted. Other than the train station, we only saw Shop N Save supermarket and a few other stalls. The rest of the mall was empty.

However, when we went there again yesterday, we were surprised to see that the mall is "a bit" live now, even though it's still not as lively as the Bukit Panjang Plaza nearby. Quite a lot of cars parked in the "bleak" carpark, compared to last time when we only saw three or four other cars in the carpark. After entering in, we found out that the main "magnet" of the mall now is the Sheng Shiong supermarket, which is occupying most of the mall's space. Not too sure why a lot of people like to shop there, we didn't enter the supermarket, but I guess it might be due to the cheaper goods there.

There's also a food court on the second floor, and some eateries and restaurants on the first floor. There are also some education centres, and surprisingly, Inka and Irza's old school, the MMI (Modern Montessori International), also has a branch there. Not too sure whether the Shop N Save supermarket is still there after the arrival of Sheng Shiong supermarket, didn't really check.

But overall, the mall is still a bit "grim" and I believe it needs a renovation if they want to make the mall "live" again. We also did not spend so much time there, after buying some snacks from Hara restaurant downstairs, we immediately left the mall and went to Causeway Point, another mall nearby.. :) well.. it's not really nearby, it's located at Woodlands (near the Woodlands checkpoint), about 15 minutes drive from Ten Mile Junction via BKE. But at least there's quite a lot of things to see and do there, since Causeway Point is the biggest malls around north Singapore vicinity.

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