Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Singapore River Hongbao

After attending my friend's wedding party at Ubi Avenue, I took Irza to Suntec City Mall. After spending some time around the huge shopping mall, we took the free shuttle bus to City Hall MRT station. Our destination: Esplanade Park, which is the venue of the Singapore River Hongbao 2006.

Singapore River Hongbao is an annual event, which is being held every year during the Chinese New Year period. It's an event showcasing the Chinese culture, however the event is open to all for everyone to understand and appreciate the culture.

From the bus stop just in front of the Cathedral, we walked to the event's venue, Esplanade Park, which is only two blocks away. To facilitate the event, Connaught Drive, which is the road between the Padang and Esplanade Park, is closed to traffic. Our destination is the amusement park, which is on the northern side of the park, near the Tan Kim Seng fountain. For some reason, Irza was not really to excited in trying the rides, so he only tried two of them.

Unfortunately, we didn't explore the whole area, especially the southern area of the park, which is full of showcases of Chinese culture. Irza was tired so we decided to stop exploring and headed back home. We also decided to give the fireworks display a miss.

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