Monday, April 10, 2006

Marina Square

Last Thursday (6/4), I took half-day PM leave because in the afternoon I had to attend two important meetings: (1) parent-teacher meeting with Inka's teacher, Ms. Idayu at Bukit Timah Primary School, and (2) Irza's doctor's appointment at the KK Hospital's clinic.

I reached the Bukit Timah Primary School on Lorong Kismis at around 3pm, and met Ms. Idayu. We discussed about Inka's difficulties in spelling, and the teacher suggested that Inka is to be exposed to more books, so she can learn and be more familar with more English words. Overall, she doesn't have any issues for both English (reading and writing) and Math, except that her spelling still need to be improved.

After finished our meeting, I took Irza to KK Hospital for a follow-up check after he was discharged from the hospital due to febrile fit. Thank God, according to the doctor, there's nothing to be worried of, and there's no need for further appointment. The most important is to ensure that the fit does not come back again and to control his body's temperature should he gets fever again.

We then went to Marina Square, a big shopping mall in the heart of the city, not far from Suntec City and Esplanade. This mall has been renovated recently, and we can feel that it's more bright and lively after the renovation (see left picture).

Some of the stores include Kiddy Palace in the third floor (see right picture). A wide range of toys are available at reasonable prices, really much cheaper compared to, for example, Toys R Us or any other department stores.

After walking around the big mall, we went to Cavana restaurant on the second floor, near Giant Hypermart, for dinner. Inka and Irza really loves the Cavana chicken rice, especially the crispy chicken wing (see left picture). My wife chose the famous barbeque chicken rice, while I ordered the teriyaki chicken rice on a hotplate.

After dinner, we went to the Giant Hypermart to buy some things before heading back home. More photos at the Marina Square can be found here.

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