Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Last Sunday (17 April 2006), I and Irza took Uncle Sigit to Sentosa for a short sightseeing. We decided to go to Sentosa after taking Uncle Sigit to his new temporary home in Paya Lebar. Entering Sentosa, we needed to pay $2 per person (including Irza), plus another $2 for the car. So total we needed to pay $8 at the gate. Quite cheap, compared to several years go when we had to pay $6 per person only to enter Sentosa.

I parked my car at the Cable Car carpark, just behind the Merlion (see left picture). There are several carparks in Sentosa, and I like this carpark becaues of its close proximity to several attractions in Sentosa, including the Merlion and Sentosa Luge, our favourite attraction we intended to go. From the carpark, we walked towards the escalator, and took the escalator down to Merlion.

Kindly informed that now, there are several escalators connecting the Merlion and the Cable Car Plaza (see right picture). So you will not have to take the stairs anymore to "climb" the hill from the Merlion to Cable Car Plaza. We took several pictures in front of the Merlion, even though we didn't enter and went up to the top of the Merlion due to the hefty ticket price, which is $8 per person (for adult)! Last time, before renovation, it was only $3 per person, not too sure why it's now $5 more expensive after the renovation.

After taking pictures around the Merlion (see left picture), we went back up again, using the escalators, back to the Cable Car Plaza. Passing through the Images of Singapore and Carlsberg Sky Tower, we reached the next attraction, the Sentosa Luge. We purchased the $20 family pass which can be shared among us. Since Irza didn't have to pay since he was just a pillion rider on the toboggan, we could take 2 rides each.

As usual, Irza was having a great time riding the toboggan. This is the first time Uncle Sigit rode the toboggan. Right now, there's an automatic camera attached to a tower which will take our picture while we were riding the toboggan. So once we finished riding the toboggan, we can buy the photos from the kiosk nearby. Wow, $10 for a photo print, and $5 for the photo file to be sent to our e-mail address. Very expensive!
After the first ride, we went back up using the chairlift (see left picture). Initially, Irza didn't want to take the chairlift since we have actually taken this chairlift before and he was a bit scared, however after convincing and promising him another toboggan ride, he's taking the chairlift eventually. I noticed that there's also an automatic camera attached to the second tower while we were climbing up, so we can get the photo while we were taking the chairlift, with Singapore Straits as the background.

After the second toboggan ride, we proceeded to Siloso Beach (see right picture). Once there, we bought some ice cream from New Zealand Natural Ice Cream kiosk, before taking Irza to play on the beach. Unfortunately, the weather suddenly changed and the lifeguards there issued thunder warning and asked everyone to come out of the sea and take shelter.

After changing Irza's clothes, we took the beach tram towards Underwater World. After getting off the tram, we went to the Flying Trapeze attraction. Irza was stunned to see children his age was climbing up the stairs and swing using some ropes, just like in the circus.

From there, we walked past Delifrance, and cross the roundabout to the bus stop in front of Underwater World, for us to take the "green line" Sentosa bus back to Cable Car Plaza. Reaching the Cable Car Plaza, we alight from the bus and once we walked past the Calsberg Sky Tower, it started to rain. So I had to carry Irza, and then we walked fast through the escalator towards the carpark. Luckily, we reached the car in time 5 minutes before it really rained.

From there, we went to Paya Lebar to drop off Uncle Sigit, before heading back home. Photos while in Sentosa can be found here.

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