Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Aunty Ambar's Birthday Party

Last Saturday (8/4), we went to Aunty Ambar's place in Tanjong Rhu, Singapore, to attend her birthday party, as well as her farewell party since she will be going back to the UK, following her husband. As usual, Inka and Irza immediately joined their friends to play and to have fun together with Kakak Fira and Adam, Kakak Aily and Algo, Q1 and Q2, Rifa, Iffah and the others.

We also all together sang the Happy Birthday song (in Bahasa Indonesia) for Aunty Ambar, as well as prayer led by Aunty Ellen. There's also tumpeng (not cake, see right picture) cutting ceremony, and some words of advice given by Aunty Mela. We had quite a lot of variety of Indonesian food dishes for dinner, including satay which is specially prepared by Aunty Wanti.

I can see that Inka is now able to socialise with her friends. Usually, she's quite difficult to socialise and mingle with other children. Perhaps it might be helped by the fact that Inka has met some of them during her birthday party at McDonalds Bukit Timah, as well as at Q1's birthday party in Pasir Ris.

Another thing which is quite interesting, I can see that Irza was a bit jealous to see his sister playing around with others. Perhaps it's because usually Irza always play with Inka at home, there's no other children or friends he can play with, not even Alex, the kid next door. And it was actually a good time for Irza to play with a lot of friends on his age, such as Adam and Rifa. Ah well, may be next time will be much better. :)

More photos during the event can be found here.

[Indonesian version]

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