Thursday, April 27, 2006

Saturday Bus Journey

Last Saturday (22 April 2006), I took Irza for a bus ride around Singapore. Irza likes to take the public bus, especially the double decker bus. Our first destination was Paragon in Orchard Road. We left home at around 2pm, and we took bus 61 to Holland Road, after which then we took the bus 7 to Lucky Plaza bus stop along Orchard Road. Actually, there's a direct bus (174) from our home to Orchard, however the bus is very rare and sometimes it takes ages to wait for the bus to come.

We walked around Paragon for a while, before walking towards the bus stop in front of Heeren. After buying some fried snacks from Old Chang Kee, we took bus 77 towards the Marina Bay area. Our next destination was Marina Square. We alight at the bus stop in front of Pan Pacific Hotel, and use the overhead bridge to the Marina Square shopping mall.

We had our lunch at the Cavana Chicken restaurant on the 2nd floor. After lunch, we walked outside the shopping mall, and crossing the Raffles Avenue towards the Esplanade. Actually I wanted to take Irza to Esplanade, however looks like he's very tired so I decided to go to the bus stop there to look for a bus ride home. There was no direct bus home from there, so we took the bus 171 to Upper Bukit Timah Road, just opposite the Bukit Timah Plaza, and then we continue to take the bus 66 home.

Some pictures during the bus journey can be found here.

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tata said...

ever since wati recommended me to take public bus in Paris I started to like it too. With 1 euro we could go around paris like a tourist taking tour buses --the only thing is the latter is more expensive. before that, I preferred subway since it was practical. No traffic.

IndraPr said...

Agree, subway should still be faster than bus, especially in a packed city. :) But usually it's more expensive than bus, at least that's the case here in Singapore.