Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ernest and Alex's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, 21 January 2006 was quite a busy day for all of us. In the morning, we went to the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild (SPGG) at Dover Road, to attend the 3rd birthday party or Ernest (Ernie), the son of Uncle Eric and Aunty Natalia. We reached the SPGG clubhouse at around 10:30am, about half an hour late, and we went straight into the bowling alleys where everyone gathered. Inka and Irza was enjoying their time bowling. Ernie also blew the candles at the bowling arena.

After finished bowling, we went to the poolside to have lunch. Since the food is not halal, Natalia specially ordered KFC for us to eat. After lunch, the kids still had some time to play at the playground inside the clubhouse before we went back home. They were really having a great time. More pictures of us at the birthday party can be found here.

Once we reached home, the kids again ready to attend another birthday party. It's also the 5th birthday of Alex, Inka and Irza's friend, living just next door. Luckily the party is just next door, and we just sent the kids there while we had some rest at home.

There was actually another event we planned to attend, which is my wife's ISM club gathering at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. However, we noticed that the weather was not too good at that time, so we decided not to go. And what we expected came true, it was raining very heavy in the evening...

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