Friday, January 13, 2006

Inka and Irza's new school

3 January 2006 is Inka's first day in Primary School. She studied at Bukit Timah Primary School, only 15 minutes ride from home. On her first day, my wife is allowed to accompany her throughout the day. Primary 1 is an afternoon/evening class, so she starts at around 12:30pm and finishes at around 6pm. Her school bus would pick her up at around 12 noon, and send her back at around 6:40pm in the evening.

Irza started his K1 a bit late. We registered him to enroll him at the Young Women Muslim Association (YWMA) Kindergarten (Taman Asuhan PPIS - Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura) Bukit Batok Centre on 11 January 2006, and he started his school on 12 January 2006. We also managed to arrange for his transport today, and he starts to use the school bus to go to his school today. His school bus would pick him up at around 10:30am, and will send him back at around 2:20pm. The school itself starts at 11:15am and ends at 2:12pm, it's the second afternoon session.


Fadhil said...

Hi Indra

I'm Fadhil, I'm an Indonesian as well and living now in Bukit Batok area in Singapore starting this year.

What a coincidence that I plan to put my son as well to YWMA kindergarten around July 2006. If you don't mind perhaps you can share information on how the situation in YWMA kindergarten and might be as well some tips and tricks.

Terima Kasih dan perhaps we can contact each other later on.

Fadhil Machdy

IndraPr said...

fadhil: nice to know you. i've sent you an e-mail. do e-mail me if you have any further questions. :)