Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Escape Theme Park Trip

Last Sunday (14 January 2006), our family took Pras' family, who is visiting Singapore, to Escape Theme Park in Downtown East, Pasir Ris, Singapore. We left home a bit late, almost noon, so we decided to have lunch first at Sarpino's Pizza, East Point Mall, Simei. We chose Simei because it's nearby Pasir Ris, our destination for the day. So we drove along the PIE all the way to Simei town, and parked our car at the basement carpark of East Point.

The restaurant is on the first floor, on the other side of the building facing the road towards the carpark. East Point is one of the malls with quite a lot of halal eateries. Just beside Sarpino's, there's another halal restaurant serving waffles (can't recall the restaurant name), and there's also Banquet Halal Food Court on the fifth floor. More photos of us at Sarpino's Pizza restaurant can be found here.

After having pizza, barbequed chicken and garlic bread as our lunch, we directly went to Downtown East, Pasir Ris. Amazingly, the carpark was not full, and we could park on a lot closest to the entrance of the theme park. It costs around $75 for all of us (4 adults and 3 kids) to enter the theme park. Furthermore, some of the rides were closed on the day, including the ferris wheel and our favourite family roller coaster. However, because of that, we got the tickets revalidated after we enjoyed the ride, so we can use the tickets to visit the theme park again for free. The tickets valid for 3 months. Not bad. :)

The kids loved the Go-Kart ride. My wife didn't dare to drive, so I drove the Go-Kart with Inka, while Pras drove the Go-Kart with Irza, and Riva drove the Go-Kart with Ristyo. The adults enjoyed the ride on the Pirate Ship, while the kids was having a great splashing time on the Bumper Boats. My wife and Riva also enjoyed their ride on the Kite Flyer, which made them fly like a Superman, erm.. a Superwoman... :)

More photos of us at the Escape Theme Park can be found here.

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