Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Qurrata's Birthday at Pasir Ris Town Park

Last Sunday, 29 January 2006, which is the first day of the Chinese New Year, we went to Pasir Ris to attend the birthday party of Qurratayun, the lovely son of Mas Iman and Mbak Wanti. The party is being held at Pasir Ris Town Park, a nice park within the vicinity of the Pasir Ris Town, just next to the Pasir Ris MRT station and the White Sands shopping center. There's a big pond where people can fish hoping for their big catch, and the playground can keep children busy playing for hours.

We went to Suntec City first to buy present for Qurrata (Suntec City is one of only a few malls which were still open during Chinese New Year), before heading to Pasir Ris. We reached Pasir Ris Town Park at around 3:45pm, and it turns out to be a very enjoyable moment for us and the kids. The kids enjoyed their time by playing at the playground with their friends, while we had traditional Sundanese servings such as nasi timbel, sate ayam/kambing, lotek, rujak, tempe and tahu bacem, etc. There was also a "blow the candle" session for the birthday boy, and the kids also got their goodie bag before we left the party at around 7pm.

More photos of the kids at the party can be found here, as well as here (thanks to Mbak Mela), here (thanks to Mbak Hany), here (thanks to Mas Judhi and Mbak Ami) and here (thanks to Mas Ambar).