Monday, March 06, 2006

Adam and Hanan's Birthday Party at West Coast Park

Yesterday, Sunday 5 March 2006, we went to West Coast Park to take part in celebrating the 4th birthday of Adam, lovely son of Teh Mela, and Hanan, lovely daughter of Mbak Hany. As usual, Inka needs to attend her ICR lesson first in the morning, so we went to the birthday party after Inka finished her lesson at 10:30am, and we reached West Coast Park at around 11am.

There were quite a lot of people when we reached there. Inka, as usual, immediately approached Mbak Hany to "help" in grilling her famous satay (well, knowledge transfer is indeed important for regeneration). :) Inka and Irza also later joined some of their friends, such as Iffah, Hanan and Haifa to play sand at the nearby playground.

There were also Q1 and Q2, Aily and Algorizmi, Akram, Noe, and also Zidan and Syifa, although Inka and Irza didn't manage to spend quite some time with them, yet. Well, they only met for only one, or at most, two times, so they haven't really known each other. So, I guess, we'll need to have more of this kind of gathering, so they will meet more often and know each other better, and can play together. :)

Some more pictures during the event can be found here.

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