Thursday, March 09, 2006

Indo Panggang

Mesmerized by the discussion at the indo-sing mailing list, we went to Indo Panggang, a new Indonesian stall at the S11 Food Court in Cuppage Terrace, just behind the Centrepoint Shopping Centre, along Orchard Road. You can reach there easily by taking the MRT to Somerset, or if you drive, you can park your car at quite a lot of carparks nearby, such as the Centrepoint, Orchard Point or Starhub Centre carparks.

The stall location is facing outside the food court itself, while the rest are actually inside the food court complex, so we were having difficulties in finding the correct stall initially. So we needed to ask around before finding the correct stall. :)

The stall's specialties are grilled kampong (or normal) chicken, and also pempek Palembang (Palembang's specialty fish cake). The chicken is charcoal-grilled on the spot, while the fishcake is also deep-fried on the spot, so we waited for quite some time (15-20 minutes) before we can have the food.

The grilled chicken is very nice, and comparable to the famous Indonesian Riverside stall at Plaza Singapura's Kopitiam food court. The good thing is that Indo Panggang dishes is cooked by a Muslim so it's halal (even though the halal certification is still in process), while Riverside is not.

I tried the $5.50 grilled kampong chicken, while my wife tried the $3.80 grilled (normal) chicken, but we find almost no difference, even the size of the chicken is almost the same. :)

But the Palembang fishcake is spectacular, just like the original. We tried the $2.80 set of 3 fish cake balls, quite economical.

Overall, it's nice. Glad to see more and more Indonesian restaurants and stalls offering us with more variety, after Kantin Aneka, Ayam Penyet and Es Teler 77. :)

Read the Indonesian version of this post.

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