Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Going back to Singapore via Batam (2)

(continued from the previous post)

Left picture: Mega Mall, Batam Centre, just opposite the ferry terminal

After reaching the Batam Centre ferry terminal, we immediately went to the Wavemaster counter to get our boarding passes. Since we already had return tickets, we didn't need to purchase tickets anymore. We just needed to pay the seaport tax, which is S$3 per person, total $12 for the 4 of us. The staff will also provide us with a duly completed immigration card. For Singapore residents, you will only need the Indonesian immigration card, but for non-Singapore residents, you will need both the Indonesian and Singapore immigration cards.

I also checked and confirmed that what my friend said here is true. If we buy the tickets in Batam, it will only cost $15 for a return trip. So, it's only half the price of the return tickets if we buy them in Singapore. So, next time if we go to Batam again, we plan to buy one-way tickets from Singapore, and buy the return tickets in Batam. Much cheaper. Just need to take note that the validity of the ticket is only 1 year.

After we got our boarding passes, we proceeded to the fiskal counter, to process our free fiscal tax request. Indonesians need to pay fiscal tax every time they leave the country. The tax is a hefty 1,000,000 rupiahs for air travel and 500,000 rupiahs for sea travel. However, those Indonesians living overseas (including us) can get 4 (four) free fiscal-tax a year. You just need to submit your passport, boarding pass and a copy of your passport to request for the free fiscal tax.

After it's done, we proceeded to check-in our luggage to the porter counter. It's free for the first 10 kg of luggage, but luggage above 10 kg is chargeable, depends on the number and the weight of the luggage. We paid 20,000 rupiahs for 3 luggages.

After checking-in our luggage, we then went to the second floor, to have our lunch at the Singgalang restaurant, a nice "real" Nasi Padang restaurant in the vicinity of the ferry terminal (see right picture). As usual, Inka and Irza ordered their favourite fried chicken. I ordered the orange juice, which is really nice, different from the "usual" orange juices we find in Singapore.

After finishing our lunch, we proceeded to the departure longue. We had our bags scanned, then we cleared immigration before we boarded the Wavemaster 6 ferry to Singapore. The ferry departed on-time at 3:30pm Batam time, and we reached the Harbourfront ferry terminal in Singapore at 5:30pm Singapore time. As usual, we needed to take the luggage out of the ferry ourselves even though we checked them in while boarding the ferry.

Reaching the immigration counter, we chose the "All Passport" lane since the "Singapore Passport" lane's queue is longer. However, it turned out to be that the "Singapore Passport" is much faster to clear. Take note that even though you're not a Singaporean, you can take the "Singapore Passport" lane if you're a permanent resident or employment pass, dependant's pass or work permit holder.

After we cleared immigration, we were greeted by Aunty Shinta who was waiting patiently for us at the ferry terminal. After which, we walked to the taxi stand in front of the Harbourfront Centre and took a cab back home.

You can find the photos in Batam Center, including those taken at Singgalang restaurant and inside the ferry, by clicking here.

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MaMahoney said...

mampir nih.. liat2 rumahnya InkaIrza bole ya jeng Imel :)

Anonymous said...

Boleh donk...

Anonymous said...

nice sharing, makasih banget krn aku lumayan dapat pengetahuan. soalnya tgl 9 april nanti, for 1st time aku ke spore lewat batam. sebelumnya ke spore lewat malay dan hongkong.

eh, ngomong2... punya waktu lowong untuk sekadar nongkrong2 pas aku di spore nanti?

Anonymous said...

Bang Win, terima kasih. Tentu saja pasti ada waktu, kabari aja kalau nanti mau kesini, bisa e-mail saya di