Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Searching for Inka's shoes

Last Saturday (25/2), we went to Parco Bugis Junction. Our destination is Seiyu, since we still had unused Seiyu voucher which we wanted to use to buy new white shoes for Inka. She once had shoes we bought from Queensway Shopping Centre, and now it's already in a bad shape, 2 months after we bought it. Well, what can you expect from a $9 shoes? :) As usual, a visit to Bugis for the children will mean a visit to the Whimsy amusement centre at the 3rd floor of Seiyu (see left picture).

Unfortunately, there was not much variety of shoes at Seiyu, we couldn't find one suitable for Inka. So we went off to Suntec City and searched for one at the "Why Pay More" shop on the 2nd floor, without success. We had lunch at the KFC on basement floor, and I brought Irza to the children's playground on the 3rd floor (see right picture), before finally we managed to got the shoes for Inka from Bata. It turns out to be that shoes made in Indonesia are still the most suitable ones for Inka. :)

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