Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snow City

Last Sunday (26/2), we went to Snow City, Jurong East. Since Inka needs to attend the ICR session in the morning, we went there at around noon. We aimed for the 12:45pm session, so we left home at around 12pm and reached Snow City at around 12:15pm. The admission fee is $12 per person (applicable to both adult and child), but since we are using HSBC credit cards, we got $4 discount per person, so we only need to pay $8 per person. It's a saving of $20, since there are 5 of us! Tips: before you head to Snow City, you might want to check the list of promotions they offer.

Be prepared to bring warm clothings and socks from home. They provide boots and jackets for free, while gloves are being rented at $1.50 per piece. Before you enter the snow chamber, you will need to pass through an airlock chamber, for your body to adapt to the colder temperature. Note that the temperature in the airlock chamber is 10 degree Celcius, while the temperature inside the snow chamber itself is minus 5 degree Celcius. You can compare with Singapore's average day-time temperature of 30-33 degree Celcius, surely your body needs to be acclimatised.

After getting some short briefing from the staff inside the airlock chamber, we then went into the snow chamber. It's really cold, and the snow surface is very slippery, so need to be careful while walking. Irza was a bit afraid initially, but once he adapted to the situation, he enjoyed running and playing in the snow chamber. There's a small playground with slides, and also a big snowman. Both Inka and Irza enjoyed their time playing around the snowman, create and throw snowballs.

More pictures of us at the Snow City can be found here. Apologise for the bad quality of the pictures, I was using my handphone to take the pictures since I didn't dare to bring my video camera into the snow chamber.

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